Regulatory Agency Representation


Strong Defense for Professionals in Phoenix, Arizona

If you have been summoned before the Arizona Medical Board, the Osteopathic Board, the State Board of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Psychology, or any other regulatory agency in the state, we are prepared to defend your professional career aggressively and effectively. Our team at Kent & Wittekind, P.C. understands that any action against you could be a potentially devastating blow to your career. For this reason, we take your legal representation very seriously.

Our firm is proficient in the various procedures of regulatory agencies. We have a strong reputation for ethical standards and for only representing cases with merit. This reputation could give you, as our client, an added edge that may substantially impact the result of your case.

Our Approach to Regulatory Agency Representation

Should you choose to retain a Phoenix regulatory agency defense lawyer from Kent & Wittekind, P.C. for your representation, we can take a unique approach to addressing the licensing action you face. One of our senior attorneys, Rick Kent or Peter Wittekind, meets with each client initially. From there, that attorney will continue to supervise the development of your defense case and will be present at all proceedings.

Any letters written to the licensing agency are drafted with input from the client and contain exhibits supporting the client's position. If our client is called to respond to the allegations in person, we remain involved every step of the way by preparing the client for the meeting as well as attending the hearing personally.

Aggressive & Effective Advocacy When You Need It Most

As skilled trial lawyers, the team at Kent & Wittekind, P.C. is prepared to make a difference in your case. With your license and professional career at stake, you should not hesitate to choose a legal representative with the ability and competence necessary to protect your future. Let us fight for you. 

Call Kent & Wittekind, P.C. today to learn more from a Phoenix lawyer about how our litigation experience could make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.

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